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Trendy Top Sizing | Getting The Right Trendy Top Size

I found that getting the right Trendy Top sizing is as easy as knowing your shirt size. Trying to look good wearing the current fashion that features low cut, sub-naval pants and short, above the naval shirts has proven an ever increasing problem for many of us. When I was younger and fitter I would have said a low rise pant with a short shirt was not the most figure enhancing fashion but I would not have had as much difficulty making it work.

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Now that I am in my 40’s my figure is not what it used to be.  My four-year-old often asks me if there is a baby in my belly because it is not exactly flat anymore.  At this point in time I do not just need figure flattering I also need a bit of damage control if you know what I mean.

Trendy Top is supposed to make it possible to wear the fashionable low cut pants and short shirts while still looking good, “Trendy top covers your waist and all the rest.  Trendy Top is the specially designed T just for your hips…Just like a camisole covers your chest Trendy Top covers your waist and hips”.   Trendy Top sizing promises just the right size to turn my middle aged midriff from perennially post-partum to reasonably attractive.

If you have struggled with looking good and actually being able to bend, reach and move in your clothing investigate the official Trendy Top website for yourself to see if Trendy Top has the right solution in the right size for your figure

Given my own struggles with unwanted midsection exposure I have long thought that low rise pants and short shirts are styles only a Fashionists could consider desirable.  As for the majority of us low rise pants and short shirts are more akin to a complete fashion horror show than a fashion statement.  Even those pants that claim to be up to the waist never quite make it for me.

However if you think it is only middle aged women who have this difficulty think again.  Even my teenage daughters, who have the stereotypically perfect teenage bodies, suffer from the same dearth of fabric around the midriff.  Their under wear or sometimes more is exposed in all of their jeans.  If this does not look good on them it is not going to look good on anyone.  Their solution is usually the undershirt which cleverly rides right up out of sight.

Meanwhile Trendy Top promises a solution to this clothing conundrum with “the perfect size just for you”.  If Trendy Top is going to meet the needs of women in their middle age like me and young women in their prime there must be a vast selection of different sizes to meet the needs of these disparate groups.  When I looked at the sizing chart I was expecting an extensive list since Trendy Top sizing is supposed to encompass all sizes of women.  Instead, Trendy Tops come in just three sizes, small/medium, large, and X-large.  This seems simple enough that it is worth a try.

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