Trendy Top Reviews

Trendy Top Reviews: Revealing Review of Trendy Tops

I hope you find my Trendy Top reviews helpful. When I was younger there was a popular reference used for those whose pants did not adequately cover the unmentionable portions of their posterior, plumber’s pants since the plumbing profession requires a lot of bending over.  The plumber look never was considered flattering.  It was marginally funny among men and certainly a massive faux pas among women.  Now it is almost commonplace.  Not for me.

I do not like viewing the area beneath the lower back in other people why do I want to expose this region of my body either.  It did not take me long to discover that there are others who have shared in my experience.  In addition to unwanted skin and underwear exposure this style of clothing has zero forgiveness for those of us with a little cushion in the middle.  Clothing is supposed to be our ally in covering up our rolls not desert us in our time of greatest need, the dreaded belly section.  Not to fear a product was created to combat this fabric shortage, Trendy Top.  I decided to prepare my own Trendy Top review to get to the bottom of this product.

If you share in my interest try looking into the official Trendy Top website yourself

What does the Trendy Top do?  Trendy top is a band of fabric made of a “natural cotton fiber blend”.  Trendy top fits over one’s hips to cover from the lower portion of the back to the middle of the buttocks.  This is usually the region of the body at risk of exposure every time we bend down, move side to side or basically do anything but stand still like a mannequin.

In olden days and far off times women and men alike used to use the mighty girdle to cinch in their midriff, creating a smoother line and smaller midsection appearance.  What does Trendy Top have over the conventional girdle?  Well from what the Trendy Tops website indicates there are a couple of key differences.  Trendy Top does not only contain your muffin top and protect your nether parts from exposure it does so in an attractive way, “Layering is all the fashion rage.  Trendy Top extends your top giving you a trendy look without the bulk.”

According to my Trendy Top review it comes with an enticing offer as well, “Buy 1 black and 1 white Trendy Top™ wrap for $10 plus $7.95 P&H, and get 1 beige and 1 gray Trendy Top™ wrap FREE just pay separate $7.95 P&H. We’ll also send you one set of 16 Style Snaps™ absolutely FREE!”   Just pay shipping and handling for each set separately.  Of course, the cost of the two sets of Trendy Top is so reasonable the extra shipping fee does not appear to be a real deterrent to purchasing Trendy Top.  Add to the offer a 30-day money back guarantee less shipping and handling and the offer looks even better.  This seems good to me.  If it appeals to you give Trendy top a try.

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Trendy Top in Stores

Trendy Top in Stores | Where To buy Trendy Tops

I have long had a challenge with clothes not fitting correctly.  That is why I wanted to know if you can buy Trendy Top in stores.

I am reasonably tall which does not make clothing sizing very difficult in and of itself.  My problem lies in the fact that I have a very long torso.  I have always needed pants and shirts that were longer to fit properly.  Just my luck the fashion of our day happens to be the least flattering on my figure, pants that are “low rise” and tops that leave a bare midriff.  In my case even the supposed high rise pants do not even make it to my navel.  As for the shorter shirts, well, it looks more like a bandeau top.  Even if I had the optimum figure type for these looks I would not want to be bearing that much of my skin especially in the workplace.  Since this style has not seemed to have budged out of popularity in the last ten years or so what is my fashion recourse?  Could it be the Trendy Top?  If Trendy Top is the answer can I get Trendy Top in stores or online?

I decided to check out the website further to learn more about Trendy Top and how I can get it, which I suggest you do too

Well after looking at the Trendy Top website I happened to be talking to my mother.  Based on my description from my preliminary research her first response was you can’t buy something like that fast enough for your oldest daughter.  The underwear revealing pants drives her loving grandmother to absolute distraction.  She is always commenting on how inconsistent such a look is compared to the beauty and modesty of our oldest daughter.  She is about an inch taller than me and all in the torso.  I do not think there is a pair of pants on the market that would fully cover her behind.  As a result she owns about a dozen or more undershirts.  The problem with these undershirts is that they ride right up into the useless region of her upper back leaving the vulnerable backside area exposed.  Like my mother I think if Trendy Top allows my daughter to wear the current fashions and look her best then I want to buy it today.

Where do I get Trendy Top?  I checked to see store locations on the website.  There were none.  Instead, Trendy Top is only available through the official Trendy Top website.  This is kind of a bummer because we cannot just try it on immediately at a store.  It takes two to six weeks to deliver.  I must say I would like to find out if Trendy Top works for me and my daughter tomorrow.  Then again if Trendy Top is the fashion answer for us then it is not such a big deal to wait a little while.  If you have a story similar to me and my daughter then check out Trendy Top to see if it is the solution for you.

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I am always game to learn new things.  That is why I want to share reviews with you. This probably explains why I have spent most of my life in school.  As a perpetual student of sorts I have long wanted to know more about the things I purchase in an effort to use my resources wisely.  In this current economic climate and with the need to provide for five growing girls my practice of investigating my purchases has become even more essential to be sure our limited financial means are maximized.  Hence, now a days I try to apply the following criteria to my purchases “Is this needed or desirable to enhance my life and the lives of my family members”.  You might think wow that is stringent criteria for purchasing.  Truthfully there are still a few things that have gotten past my product purchase filters.  In addition to wanting to be fiscally responsible and I also want to set a good example for my children with respect to spending.  If I restrict their purchases then it is important that I apply similar criteria on my purchasing so as to reinforce the lesson of spending I am teaching.  For this reason I want to conduct my own reviews before I decide to purchase Trendy Top.

Do not trust my reviews alone.  Check out the Trendy Top website and see for yourself,

First of all, what does Trendy Top do? Trendy Top was invented to aide all of us women who want full fabric coverage in the critical midriff and buttocks region, “No more peek-a-boo panties and put a stop to that muffin top.  Protect your rear view and hide your sides to cover you when your top rises up or your jeans slide down With Trendy Top you can bend or reach, even sit with confidence knowing your skin is not exposed.”  This alone seems worth the purchase but I still would like to know more.

Next, I wanted to know whether Trendy Top looks attractive.  I could solve the exposed muffin top and underpants problems by wearing an unsightly girdle or wrapping a jacket around my waist but neither would look so great.  After all why would I go to the trouble to have fashionable pants and shirts if I am going to solve this fashion issue in an ugly manner.  The Trendy Top solution is both functional and attractive, “Layering is all the fashion rage.  Trendy Top extends your top for the same trendy look without the bulk. .”

Now the final question I have has to do with the cost.  In an effort to find the deals from the duds I look for special offers and guarantees.  Trendy Top did not disappoint in this regard.  It is a 30-day money back guarantee less shipping and handling.  Other offer details include, “Offer Details: Buy 1 black and 1 white Trendy Top™ wrap for $10 plus $7.95 P&H, and get 1 beige and 1 gray Trendy Top™ wrap FREE just pay separate $7.95 P&H. We’ll also send you one set of 16 Style Snaps™ absolutely FREE!”  Okay, this does not look like much of a financial risk, HOORAY.  My review is a thumbs up so give it a try.

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Trendy Top Commercial

Trendy Top Commercial | Trendy Top As Seen On TV

If you watch television or even surf the web than I’m sure you have seen the Trendy Top commercial.  you are bombarded with dozens of commercials a day.  Everything from clothing to kitchen gadgets are being portrayed in the most enticing ways possible so as to inspire us to purchase yet another something or other.  I have a vast collection of something or others especially with respect to kitchen gadgets.  There is so much that not all of it fits in our tiny kitchen.  Of course having dozens of convenient kitchen whatnots have not made me into a master chef.  Similarly my mother likes to go to our local county fair to get the latest must have clever labor saving device and she does actually uses most of them.  She too has a must have spectacular whatnots bone yard for those products with captivating promises that did not deliver.  After making a number of such purchases and frankly running short of storage space there comes a point in time especially in this economy when we have to say, “Is this thing-a-ma-bob so great that I can afford the cost and space of purchasing it.”  I was wondering the same thing when I watched the Trendy Top commercial.

If you have been watching television with your DVR and you have been fast forwarding through all of the commercials then you can catch up on the Trendy Top commercial at

Truthfully I had not seen the Trendy Top commercial until I started my online search of Trendy Top.  The website provides all of the basic facts but the commercial ties everything together and offers additional explanation important to the purchase decision making process.  The commercial starts with the fundamental fashion problem for which we need a solution, low rise jeans that show off one’s backside and underwear and tops that rise up exposing one’s midriff.  To this problem Trendy Top asserts the following solution, “Trendy Top is the specially designed T just for your hips it covers your rear view and your exposed belly when wearing low rise pants.  Just like a camisole covers your chest Trendy Top covers your waist and all the rest so you look chic and lean.”  From this description Trendy Top is just the answer we women have been looking for.

Of course I still have a couple of lingering questions.  One is does Trendy Top move around, bunch or ride up.  According to the Trendy Top commercial Trendy Top stays in place as evidenced by a woman performing handsprings.  This looked convincing to me.  But, if Trendy Top can stay in place whilst performing gymnastics moves it must be tight and uncomfortable.  Not so or so says the Trendy Top commercial, “The Natural cotton blend fabric is super comfy and stretches every way you do so it always stays in place.”  Wow, this is impressive.

After careful study of the Trendy Top commercial I think Trendy Top is more than just another interesting product but is a useful staple in the modern woman’s closet.  Give it a try yourself.

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Trendy Top Sizing

Trendy Top Sizing | Getting The Right Trendy Top Size

I found that getting the right Trendy Top sizing is as easy as knowing your shirt size. Trying to look good wearing the current fashion that features low cut, sub-naval pants and short, above the naval shirts has proven an ever increasing problem for many of us. When I was younger and fitter I would have said a low rise pant with a short shirt was not the most figure enhancing fashion but I would not have had as much difficulty making it work.

Click here to try the Trendy Top sizing chart.

Now that I am in my 40’s my figure is not what it used to be.  My four-year-old often asks me if there is a baby in my belly because it is not exactly flat anymore.  At this point in time I do not just need figure flattering I also need a bit of damage control if you know what I mean.

Trendy Top is supposed to make it possible to wear the fashionable low cut pants and short shirts while still looking good, “Trendy top covers your waist and all the rest.  Trendy Top is the specially designed T just for your hips…Just like a camisole covers your chest Trendy Top covers your waist and hips”.   Trendy Top sizing promises just the right size to turn my middle aged midriff from perennially post-partum to reasonably attractive.

If you have struggled with looking good and actually being able to bend, reach and move in your clothing investigate the official Trendy Top website for yourself to see if Trendy Top has the right solution in the right size for your figure

Given my own struggles with unwanted midsection exposure I have long thought that low rise pants and short shirts are styles only a Fashionists could consider desirable.  As for the majority of us low rise pants and short shirts are more akin to a complete fashion horror show than a fashion statement.  Even those pants that claim to be up to the waist never quite make it for me.

However if you think it is only middle aged women who have this difficulty think again.  Even my teenage daughters, who have the stereotypically perfect teenage bodies, suffer from the same dearth of fabric around the midriff.  Their under wear or sometimes more is exposed in all of their jeans.  If this does not look good on them it is not going to look good on anyone.  Their solution is usually the undershirt which cleverly rides right up out of sight.

Meanwhile Trendy Top promises a solution to this clothing conundrum with “the perfect size just for you”.  If Trendy Top is going to meet the needs of women in their middle age like me and young women in their prime there must be a vast selection of different sizes to meet the needs of these disparate groups.  When I looked at the sizing chart I was expecting an extensive list since Trendy Top sizing is supposed to encompass all sizes of women.  Instead, Trendy Tops come in just three sizes, small/medium, large, and X-large.  This seems simple enough that it is worth a try.

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